Tour the Market with a Chef

No matter where you are, there is an amazing bounty available at the local level.  Each season brings constant and exciting changes to vary any menu.  All one has to do is take the time to explore what is available.  The seasonality of food pushes the door open to unique, interesting, amazing combinations of flavors and textures.  Eating seasonal food at its peak freshness provides you and those you love with optimal nutrition and flavor.

Is this you?  At your local market, you are not sure what some of the items are and/or what to do with it.  You ask the vendor – they tell you what it is but do not always know the best way to prepare it.  You walk away and stick with your usual purchases, but silently wishing you knew more.

Let me help!  Together we go to you YOUR local market.  At the stands I will explain the produce offered and suggest what you can do with it.  We will talk with the vendor together.  With the seasonality of food, we can do this as often as you like.