Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes – in your home, in your kitchen….

for all levels of experience, skill and interest – novice to intermediate.

  • WHERE ARE THE CLASSES?  IN YOUR KITCHEN.  Where better to learn cooking techniques than where you are most familiar and comfortable?
  • WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN A CLASS?: You do not need to have the passion of a chef – just the desire to learn, eat better and not be afraid to try new things.  A typical class will be two to three hours in length with ample opportunity to ask your questions.  You will sample what is being made throughout the class – and you keep the leftovers.  A handout of recipes and tips will be provided.
  • HOW MUCH WILL A CLASS COST?: Cost will depend on the subject, number of participants, time required and location. Estimated cost per person is $50 to $125 per person.
  • I MAY NOT LIVE NEAR YOU.  WILL YOU COME TO MY HOUSE?:  Cooking classes in your home are NOT limited by distance.  Any city, town, or burb is possible.  Just ask.
  • HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE NEEDED FOR A CLASS? A class may be just you, your family, or 6 to 8 of your friends.  Cost may depend on number of participants.
  • MAY I INVITE FRIENDS OR FAMILY TO PARTICIPATE?  Absolutely!  A good class size in a home is 8 people – and it helps with the cost.  A suggestion – Have a cooking class in place of a typical dinner party or gathering.  For you as a the host, you have no food to prepare.  We will provide the food and if needed, plates, eating utensils and napkins.  Everyone eats well and you keep the leftovers.  You provide the beverages – if suggestions are desired, just ask.  Those recipes can also be part of the class.  And we do clean up!  You can be a great host without having to worry about the food!

CLASSES (Click each class to read more)


Here are some ideas.  Use them to help design a class, suited to your specific tastes and interests.  I will listen carefully to what you want in order to develop recipes, shopping lists, and menus to fit your needs.

  • Novice Class:  Structured to cover a full meal’s menu – from appetizer through dessert.  May have a specific theme or be based on certain foods or ingredients.  Preparation and execution will be simpler and straightforward.
  • Intermediate Class:  Structured to be more in-depth, focusing on more complex techniques and recipes.  Topics may include (but are NOT limited to) sauces, grilling, roasting, or baking bread.
  • Seasonal Menus: Menus based on a holiday or season.  Examples:  Summer Picnic, Oktoberfest, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day
  • Market Menus:  Focusing on ingredients available at your local farmer’s market at different times, building a menu from a trip to the market, and how to prepare your finds.  Class may include touring your local market.
  • Ethnic Cooking:  You name it, I will teach it.  Not limited to but including German, Caribbean, Latin, Thai, Japanese, Rustic Italian, Southern, Cajun, Creole and French Rustic.
  • Midwest Recipes:  Taking your grandmother’s recipe and updating them to be healthier and simpler – casseroles, breakfast and standard “meat and potato fare.

What do YOU want to learn?  Any and all requests will be considered.  Just contact me!