Who is Jason Dunn?


I am the third generation in our family to be involved with restaurants and food. My grandfather ran a food truck in Madison. My mother followed in his footsteps, working in Madison establishments for many years before opening her own – Bev’s Restaurant. Mom grew up in the Greenbush neighborhood in a very large Irish family – 15 kids! She quickly learned how to feed a lot of people on a very tight budget but always with love. Mom passed these skills and her passion on to me. One of her favorite sayings is the foundation of my cooking: “The best way to show someone you love them is to make them a meal.”

I started working in my family’s restaurant at age 11 as you might expect – washing dishes and mopping floors, moving to prep work and cooking (and finally getting paid!). I attended the UW Madison after high school, intending to pursue a Biology major, but my passion for food moved me to MATC to pursue a career of chef. There I was lucky enough to apprentice under Chef Robert Hurst, who taught and trained me in all techniques and disciplines required of a modern day chef. I created and served food in many of Madison’s and the surrounding area’s wonderful restaurants. Eventually, in 1994, I purchased Bev’s restaurant from my mom and continued the family tradition.

After 24 years of cooking I found my passion had faded and I needed to do something different. For 10 years my food passion was satisfied by making meals for my wife, family, friends, and community.

Funny thing – being away awhile renewed the passion and the groundwork for the next chapter was laid. The Sun Prairie Farmer’s Market is our local market. Learning they had a desire for demonstration cooking, I offered. Using donations from the vendors of their current offering, we offer tastes, tips, and recipes for shopping and cooking with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. It also provided the insight that people’s cooking skills vary and they need education.

I live in Marshall, WI with my wife Beth and our dog Ziggy. I am not alone in my passion for food and sharing it with those we love. Together, Beth and I are a complete team – chef, baker, prep cook, bartender, waitstaff, clean up crew.

The passion has returned and I want to share it with you. I look forward to helping you cook simply and eat well!